1944 Kubelwagen

The Kubelwagen or ‘Tub car” was a military vehicle designed by Dr.Ferdinand Porsche for use by the German military,  Kübelwagen is an abbreviation of Kübelsitzwagen, meaning “bucket-seat car” it was a design based heavily on the ‘KDF’ or Beetle and used by the three forces of the ‘Heer’ The Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and the Shutz Staffel. This vehicle […]

Bentley Azure 2007 Sold

One of less than 250 Bentley Azure final series cars imported into the USA, this car must surely be one of the rarest.  Likely the only car finished in Masons black with a black convertible top and black leather interior, Bentley crests to seats, dash and waist rails and finished off with chrome grille, mirrors […]

1986 Ferrari Testarossa Sold

The ultimate investment Testarossa, could there be any better?…a highly sought after ‘flying mirror’ model finished in Blu Serra, one of apparently only 41 cars made in this color, the interior is finished in ‘Crema’ Conolly hide On 2nd October 1984 at ‘The Lido’ in Paris, Ferrari unveiled its latest twelve-cylinder flagship- to applause from both customers and the […]