1968 Porsche 911L 44 Years with the first owner “Professor Bass”

  11805061 is a 911L with a colorful first owner, Douglas Hannon or ‘Professor Bass’ as he came to be known was studying Psychology in 1968 at Tulane university in Louisiana, it was whilst at College that Hannon purchased the 911L from his local Porsche dealer,  talking of his time at University he stated “ In college I made a lot of money playing guitar in a rock ‘n’ roll band called the Palace Guard we opened for the Lovin’ Spoonful and the Animals, I never had to get a job except when I wanted to. and that’s how I became a dreamer and an inventor”  Hannon was known for  ‘Thinking outside the box’ Luckily for him his father was a very successful businessman and left Douglas and his sister fair sized trust funds enabling them to pursue their passions, she becoming a sculptor whilst Douglas followed his love of Bass fishing.  Utilizing his schooling Hannon spent his time interviewing successful anglers and researching the habits of his quarry,  he became such an authority that he went on to author several books and produce videos on the subject, he also patented many ingenious lures and fishing devices earning him great respect In the Bass fishing world and garnering him the moniker “Professor Bass.” But back to the L…..At some stage Hannon decided to change the color from its factory delivered Irish Green to the Ossi Blue you now see it in, there’s a plaque mounted inside the engine bay proclaiming “Kustom Painted by Kurt Fischer 407 877 0633.”  I’ve tried the phone number to talk to Kurt but it’s not surprising that its no longer in service, its probably been 40 years since the job!  The paintwork done was obviously to a high standard, most likely a bare metal prep, there’s no green showing,  it is of course much easier to paint the short wheelbase cars, the engine compartment and front trunk area being finished in semi gloss black from the factory. Fast forward 44 years and in 2012 Hannon sold the car to a Florida car dealer who set about a pretty comprehensive refreshing of the mechanical systems,  whilst rebuilding the original engine and gearbox the carbs were fully restored with linkages and metalware replated.  A new MSD box took care of the ignition, the exhaust system has been updated with SSi heat exchangers and a new Muffler. The brakes calipers were overhauled and treated to braided lines and a new master cylinder, the suspension rounded off with Koni shocks and adjustable swaybars. After the work and still in 2012 the L was sold to a noted Porsche collector here in Northern California, he kept the car as part of his collection, driving it only rarely Condition The L presents as rust and accident free, the paint remains very nice and its obvious that its been very well taken care of.  The interior is incredibly original, the dashboard has no tears or rips, the original carpets are remarkable, the seats are leather, obviously recovered and very nice, the steering wheel has its original and rare hockey puck-bat wing center. Wheels are 5.5 x 15” Fuchs and in superb original condition. Since our acquisition we have replaced the transmission linkage bushes, sway bar bushes and performed an oil change and valve adjust, and of course fitted new plugs  According to the Porsche Cardex 11805061 was built for the US market on the 2nd of October 1967 making it an early example of the 911L run Its worth noting that during the L’s production run Porsche changed the material used for its engine cases from aluminum to magnesium, over 50 years later the aluminum cases are considered the stronger and more durable, being an early production car the cases are the prefered aluminium The motor and transmission numbers correspond to the Porsche Kardex The factory build sheet documents the first owner as Douglas Hannon and is accompanied by the supplying dealers invoice and receipt for payment.  The owners manual and service book are complete within the Porsche iconic maroon wallet The 911L background The Porsche 911L was a one year only model developed for the North American market, the L for ‘Luxe’ cars were the top of the Porsche’s line up for 1968 replacing the S models which were apparently unable to meet the strict new US emissions tests, produced in limited numbers, some 499 cars were built. 
Douglas Hannon in 2012
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