1944 Kubelwagen

The Kubelwagen or ‘Tub car” was a military vehicle designed by Dr.Ferdinand Porsche for use by the German military,  Kübelwagen is an abbreviation of Kübelsitzwagen, meaning “bucket-seat car” it was a design based heavily on the ‘KDF’ or Beetle and used by the three forces of the ‘Heer’ The Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and the Shutz Staffel.

This vehicle was manufactured in 1944 and is a very original KDF built example, the body shell is in superb shape, Notek lights are correct, the rifle rack for the four Kar 98 carbines is still fitted, the seats are upholstered in the correct canvas. Whilst the fitted motor is a later VW unit which propels the car along perfectly, a period KDF badged 1944 engine is included in the sale. Please note, this vehicle was restored and road registered in Germany, we still have the original Fahrzeugbrief making it a much easier option to return it to Europe, obviously it passed the strict TUV inspection. Please contact us for more details



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