Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 1972 44k miles

This Mercedes Benz 280SE is a documented 44k mile car from new, having had only two owners (the last since 1997) Delivered when new from Von Housen Mercedes Benz of Sacramento California, it has enjoyed a Northern California life from new, attesting to its near mint condition. The exterior appears to be factory first paint, whilst the fully original ‘Bamboo’ interior is in incredible shape, including carpets, seats and headliner, the dashboard is crack free and the wood virtually perfect. Inside the trunk the floor pan is pristine, the factory tool kit is complete and appears unused, the fitted Pirelli  tires are from 1979 and are accompanied by a receipt from the supplying dealer. The service book, Credents plate, radio manuals and warranty card are all complete, there’s even the original Pre delivery Inspection report from Von Housen dated 1972


















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