1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

By 1987 Porsche had reached the pinnacle of improvements to its already wonderful 911 model, in the more than twenty years since its introduction in 1965, virtually everything about the car had changed, 1967 saw the introduction of the Targa,  the wheelbase lengthened in 1969,  by 1970 motor size had increased in steady increments from 2.0 to 2.2, then in 1972 to 2.4  followed by  2.7, 3.0 and for 19 84 the all new Carrera sported the magnificent 3.2 liter powerhouse based on the highly succesful Turbos crankcase. Not only had the air-cooled boxer configuration six increased in capacity, the internals were much improved, new oil squirters for the crankshaft, hydraulic timing chain tensioners and an electronic brain now uprated its ability to run fast but also very efficiently, emissions were down, MPG was up. Gearboxes too had changed, the original 1965 “dogleg” 901 with first gear down below reverse had been changed initially by the one year only 911 box for 1970 but then in 1972 by the superb 915 offering the more traditional H shift pattern. 1987 saw the all new G50, a heavier transmission which required a redisign of the rear suspensions torsion tube to fit ( a tell tale sign of the G50 cars is the bigger tube holes forward of the rear wheel wells) not only could it handle much more power but for the first time Porsche offered the 911 line-up with a hydraulic clutch.

This example,  a 1987 3.2 liter Carrera Targa, is equipped with the “G50” Transmission and Finished in the Traditional Porsche Racing Color of “908” Grand Prix White with Black Leather Seats. Having Covered some 105k miles this car is in Lovely Condition, the Paintwork is Gleaming, the Underhood Sticker is Present Showing all Option Codes including AC and Cruise Control, and Yes it Drives as Well as it Looks, the last Owner was the Principle of a Porsche Maintenance facility and as such it has been very well maintained.  All Gaps are Superb, The Dashboard has no Cracks and Having just Passed the tough California SMOG Test is Ready for its New Owner.

The fact that you can use these 911s as easily to go To The Grocery store as Cruising at Break Neck Digits over the Speed Limit Makes them a very useable Classic and of course a Sure Fire Investment……  $24995