1968 Porsche 911L 44 Years with the first owner “Professor Bass”

  11805061 is a 911L with a colorful first owner, Douglas Hannon or ‘Professor Bass’ as he came to be known was studying Psychology in 1968 at Tulane university in Louisiana, it was whilst at College that Hannon purchased the 911L from his local Porsche dealer,  talking of his time at University he stated “ In college I made a lot of money playing guitar in a rock ‘n’ roll band called the Palace Guard we opened for the Lovin’ Spoonful and the Animals, I never had to get a job except when I wanted to. and that’s how I became a dreamer and an inventor”  Hannon was known for  ‘Thinking outside the box’ Luckily for him his father was a very successful businessman and left Douglas and his sister fair sized trust funds enabling them to pursue their passions, she becoming a sculptor whilst Douglas followed his love of Bass fishing.  Utilizing his schooling Hannon spent his time interviewing successful anglers and researching the habits of his quarry,  he became such an authority that he went on to author several books and produce videos on the subject, he also patented many ingenious lures and fishing devices earning him great respect In the Bass fishing world and garnering him the moniker “Professor Bass.” But back to the L…..At some stage Hannon decided to change the color from its factory delivered Irish Green to the Ossi Blue you now see it in, there’s a plaque mounted inside the engine bay proclaiming “Kustom Painted by Kurt Fischer 407 877 0633.”  I’ve tried the phone number to talk to Kurt but it’s not surprising that its no longer in service, its probably been 40 years since the job!  The paintwork done was obviously to a high standard, most likely a bare metal prep, there’s no green showing,  it is of course much easier to paint the short wheelbase cars, the engine compartment and front trunk area being finished in semi gloss black from the factory. Fast forward 44 years and in 2012 Hannon sold the car to a Florida car dealer who set about a pretty comprehensive refreshing of the mechanical systems,  whilst rebuilding the original engine and gearbox the carbs were fully restored with linkages and metalware replated.  A new MSD box took care of the ignition, the exhaust system has been updated with SSi heat exchangers and a new Muffler. The brakes calipers were overhauled and treated to braided lines and a new master cylinder, the suspension rounded off with Koni shocks and adjustable swaybars. After the work and still in 2012 the L was sold to a noted Porsche collector here in Northern California, he kept the car as part of his collection, driving it only rarely Condition The L presents as rust and accident free, the paint remains very nice and its obvious that its been very well taken care of.  The interior is incredibly original, the dashboard has no tears or rips, the original carpets are remarkable, the seats are leather, obviously recovered and very nice, the steering wheel has its original and rare hockey puck-bat wing center. Wheels are 5.5 x 15” Fuchs and in superb original condition. Since our acquisition we have replaced the transmission linkage bushes, sway bar bushes and performed an oil change and valve adjust, and of course fitted new plugs  According to the Porsche Cardex 11805061 was built for the US market on the 2nd of October 1967 making it an early example of the 911L run Its worth noting that during the L’s production run Porsche changed the material used for its engine cases from aluminum to magnesium, over 50 years later the aluminum cases are considered the stronger and more durable, being an early production car the cases are the prefered aluminium The motor and transmission numbers correspond to the Porsche Kardex The factory build sheet documents the first owner as Douglas Hannon and is accompanied by the supplying dealers invoice and receipt for payment.  The owners manual and service book are complete within the Porsche iconic maroon wallet The 911L background The Porsche 911L was a one year only model developed for the North American market, the L for ‘Luxe’ cars were the top of the Porsche’s line up for 1968 replacing the S models which were apparently unable to meet the strict new US emissions tests, produced in limited numbers, some 499 cars were built. 
Douglas Hannon in 2012

1944 Kubelwagen

The Kubelwagen or ‘Tub car” was a military vehicle designed by Dr.Ferdinand Porsche for use by the German military,  Kübelwagen is an abbreviation of Kübelsitzwagen, meaning “bucket-seat car” it was a design based heavily on the ‘KDF’ or Beetle and used by the three forces of the ‘Heer’ The Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and the Shutz Staffel.

This vehicle was manufactured in 1944 and is a very original KDF built example, the body shell is in superb shape, Notek lights are correct, the rifle rack for the four Kar 98 carbines is still fitted, the seats are upholstered in the correct canvas. Whilst the fitted motor is a later VW unit which propels the car along perfectly, a period KDF badged 1944 engine is included in the sale. Please note, this vehicle was restored and road registered in Germany, we still have the original Fahrzeugbrief making it a much easier option to return it to Europe, obviously it passed the strict TUV inspection. Please contact us for more details



Bentley Azure 2007 Sold

One of less than 250 Bentley Azure final series cars imported into the USA, this car must surely be one of the rarest.  Likely the only car finished in Masons black with a black convertible top and black leather interior, Bentley crests to seats, dash and waist rails and finished off with chrome grille, mirrors and wheels. Having covered just over 25,000 miles from new and with a list price exceeding $370,000:00, this magnificent hand made car offers Champagne motoring for a fraction its new price, having benefitted from four new tires and a recent Main Dealer Bentley Service, it is without a doubt the best priced final series Azure on the market at $85,000:00


Porsche 912 1966 Sold-Going to La France!


An early and rare 1965 built 1966 912 Coupe, finished in red, the original color was 6404 Polo Red. This rust free and accident free early car has all of the late 65 features, slanted script 912 on engine lid, three gauges, 356 style headrests, stamped front slam panel without alloy plate. The interior has been refreshed with front seats recovered, new carpets and a new black headliner. This car features superb gaps, Mahle wheels and runs beautifully.

This lovely 912 offers an excellent opportunity to be driven as a capable road car, the 4 cylinder boxer engine fires to life without fuss and shifts effortlessly through the 5 speed 901 box, an appreciating classic that’s ideal for road rallies and events.







1968 Porsche 911

This is a superb example of Porsche’s one year only 1968 911 coupe, the 68 was the last year of the short wheelbase, first year of the magnesium engine case and also first year of the black instrument dials.

The car on offer is a two owner California car, the second owner bought the 911 in 1970 in Calabasas, California and retained it until our recent purchase, it shows the local fire department sticker still in the rear window from 1970. Finished in superb Tangerine much of the original paint is retained, it os totally rust free, the floor pans are still orange!  Complete with its books in their original wallet and factory supplied keyring this car is in exceptional condition, complete with Porsche Certificate of Authenticity confirming the correct engine and transmission the recorded mileage of 89,000 miles is believed correct from new.

1974 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster


Final iteration of Jaguars iconic XKE, this 5.3 liter V12 Automatic is an original California car, its been with its last owner for approximately 25 years, we pulled it out of his garage last year and spent some time awakening it from its 10 year slumber, we rebuilt the brake calipers, replaced the brake hoses, front brake rotors, front shock absorbers, all of the rear suspension silentblock  mounts, all filters, oil, ATF fluid, radiator flush with new coolant. The AC works, the motor shows splendid oil pressure and it drives well.

A matching numbers rust and accident free V12 XKE

1986 Ferrari Testarossa Sold

The ultimate investment Testarossa, could there be any better?…a highly sought after ‘flying mirror’ model finished in Blu Serra, one of apparently only 41 cars made in this color, the interior is finished in ‘Crema’ Conolly hide
On 2nd October 1984 at ‘The Lido’ in Paris, Ferrari unveiled its latest twelve-cylinder flagship- to applause from both customers and the automotive world,  a replacement for the lovely but ageing Berlinetta Boxer 512 the Testarossa featured an all new cutting edge shape, the styling team led by Leonardo Fioravanti, a famed Aerodynamicist and leading light at Design house Pinninfarina
This car 65307, was delivered in 1986 by the Ferrari dealer in nearby Walnut Creek, California.
One of less than 300 Single Mirror cars built for the North American Market, it’s believed that only 41 cars in the entire Testarossa production run were painted in Blu Serra
featuring an updated differential unit, rebuilt suspension, a Tubi exhaust which sounds incredible, rare 16″ wheels in place of the TRX metric alloys, (tire choices are a breeze) An exhaustive service less than 350 miles ago a massive history file and original Scheddoni fitted luggage make this monospeccio a  true “Blue Chip” investment 





1992 Porsche 964 “America” Roadster

screenshot-2016-10-29-20-17-02Picture courtesy of Petrolicious

Porsche America Roadster 3,366 miles from new

In 1952 the fledgling Porsche company already had its eyes set on what would become its biggest marked, that of North America and sticking to Dr. Porsches ethos of an efficient and fast two seater they produced a no nonsense sportier dubbed the ‘America Roadster’ of which just 25 examples were manufactured and all but one sold in the US market. Considered the predecessor to the iconic Speedster tells you just how important this model was.
Fast forward forty years to 1992, Porsche had built a legend in the 911 originally designed by Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche in 1964, by the early 90s, in what’s today considered the final iteration of the classic body shell the 964 had evolved into a thoroughly modern car with all of the expected creature comforts and safety equipment expected in the modern world.

To celebrate the initial run of 25 cars from forty years earlier Porsche reintroduced the name for a short run of 964 models, producing in the process a limited run of 250 of the 964 ‘America Roadsters.’ Utilizing a Turbo wide body convertible it was equipped with such features as special 17” Cup wheels, turbo brakes and suspension, a rear seat delete making it a strictly two seater and a fully electric convertible top. Keeping the lines clean and roadster like the rear spoiler was that of the Carrera 2 and 4, a speed activated electric unit housed in the engine lid rather than the fixed whale tail of the turbo. Powered by the normally aspirated flat six the America Roadster was rated at 228hp




Picture courtesy of Petrolicious

The car on offer

This 1992 964 America Roadster could likely be the lowest mileage model left in existence, at just 3366 miles from new, it’s a one owner car originally bought in North Carolina,  moving to the Bay Area of San Francisco when its owner relocated their business here.
Finished in solid black (Schwart) with Tan Leather Ruffled interior, the Tiiptronic appointed car is further rare in that its one of only 41 cars though to have been equipped with what was in the 964, Porsche’s first completely new automatic transmission.
Condition is  best described as ‘showroom’ and it would be hard to imagine anything else having covered such a low mileage, although it has never seen rain or inclement weather  while cosseted in the owners garage in the city of San Francisco.
After a large service with all maintenance issues taken care of by Porsche of Walnut Creek, California, the Porsche is as you would expect ‘on the button’ for the new owner
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1978 Ferrari 308GTB

A fantastic opportunity to build either a track/racing 308 GTB or simply to build your dream 308 GTB concours car.  This Ferrari was sold new December of 1978, it is a California car that has been stripped and off the road for many, many years. The body shell is simply superb, the panel gaps are consistent and the car shows no evidence of accident damage or rust. All parts are boxed and ready for restoration, missing so far are the rear wheels and both seats!






1965 Mercedes Benz 300SE Coupe – The 1966 Detroit Motor Show “Salon Car” SOLD

Pictures by Steve Natale & Horatio Fitz-Simon


Model 997 300SE COUPE 1965 Salon Car

Built from 1961-1967 the 300SE models, produced over a period of seven years, were the top of the line cars from the Unterturkheim Automaker, to set them apart they were given their own type number W112, each car was hand built and it showed. Priced at nearly twice the cost of its closest W111 sibling, the W112’s specification was without equal, the power plant was the aluminum fuel-injected M189 motor taken from the legendary Gullwing sports car,  an all new Air Suspension system – the first time on a Mercedes Benz offered stability and a sporting ride whilst braking was handled by a dual circuit servo system powering disc brakes to all four corners, even the power steering was an all new design!  Accordingly the W112 was the car reserved for the elite of ts day;  the darling of celebrities, directors and the nobility.  With some 3,100 models built in both Coupe and Cabriolet form (2400 Coupes) it’s also one of the rarest cars from the Benz stable.

Completed in September 1965, this 300SE Coupe was specially built as the ‘exhibition car’  for the US motor show circuit of 1966. The data card carries the Mercedes Benz code “997” denoting “Stand Wagen” (In English: Exhibition Car)and the Mercedes Benz internal order shown below dated August 1965 details the cars destination as Abt. Exhibitions,  DBNA Detroit/ USA

112 021 12 008965b

Copy of Mercedes Benz Internal order dated August 1965

  Whilst the 300SE models were hand-built, the exhibition cars received extensive, meticulous attention to detail; after all, these were the flagship cars for the company.  The engine compartment of the show cars were unique, in that they were highly detailed with many chromed and polished parts. The valve cover, normally left in its clear aluminum, was polished of all details and finished in semi-gloss black to highlight the polished inlet manifold and chromed linkages and fuel lines

1966 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Coupe Steve Natale Photography 109


It is rumored that this car enjoyed celebrity status and may have been owned by none other than the late, great John Wayne. Whilst we have been unable to substantiate this, the rumor has surrounded the car for years. Researching the history, a previous owner describes our 300 as having being bought from a John Wayne sale in the early 1980’s. Seemingly substantiating this are many stickers and VIP passes to membership of the prestigious Balboa Bay Club of Newport Beach, California…but his ownership can only be seen as a rumor…..The Balboa Bay club, for many years, was the chosen hang out of such stars as Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, James Cagney – and of course the Duke himself,  not only was he a member, but also an acting governor in his time; a true VIP.

Our car comes with all of its factory documentation: the steel data card, or “Credents plate”, is still attached to its card folder-unused, the toolkit and even the hangtags for the factory optioned Koolmeister AC system are present and beautifully preserved. Factory options include a passenger head rest and tinted glass, which make for a lovely specification. A look under the hood sees Mercedes typical “show car” attention to detail: the motor having a semi-gloss-black painted valve cover, polished inlet manifold, and chromed fuel lines, bolts and fittings throughout.


This unique car has led a very pampered life, remaining largely original. Paired with all of its factory supplied documentation: from manuals, paper instructions, maps and hang tags. What is very special and rare is that, as the illustrious show car, the first owner’s name is cryptically missing from any of the MB supplied paperwork. It is said that Mercedes Benz gave preference to celebrity buyers with these special cars, so whether or not this ’66 Detroit Motor Show car was the mount of America’s favourite Western hero remains to be seen…


Engine Compartment Post Restoration



Interior Post Restoration including new leather, headliner and carpets

1966 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Coupe Steve Natale Photography 230_preview


Exterior Post Restoration




Unused Tool Kit




1966 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Coupe Steve Natale Photography 011_preview1966 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Coupe Steve Natale Photography 186_preview



1995 Ferrari 355 Spyder 6-Speed


1995 Ferrari F355 Spyder in Swatters Blue with Tan leather interior, with 6 speed manual transmission. The first series of the 355 used the OBD1 system and was noticeably faster than the later cars. We are sure that 355’s are set to rise following the Testarossas and the 308-328 series of cars. Having recently benefitted from an Engine out belt service and with just 18k recorded miles this 355 represents a sound investment

1969 McLaren M10A

An early production McLaren “High Wing” model the M10A was produced for the F5000 racing series and featured a cigar tube shaped monocoque based on McLaren’s excellent M7A Formula 1 car, whilst designed by the McLaren team based at Colnbrook, Middlesex, the customer cars for sale to privateers were constructed by the Trojan factory in Croydon, south London.

This M10A was the mount of George Eaton, the youngest son of the famous Eaton family of Canada. Eaton had ordered two McLarens for the 69 season, this M10A for the F5000 series and an M12 in which he would campaign the Canadian-American or Can Am challenge.  Hit by delay after delay in delivery, the engineless M10 would finally make its way across the Atlantic to Canada by way of New York and with only weeks to spare before the start of the racing season. The story goes that it almost didn’t make it, held up again, this time by Customs officials at the border, the season was very much in doubt, but a tenacious Eaton soldiered on and campaign it he did, although it turned out to be a bitter sweet F5000 debut, DNF’s and crashes littered the season but the highlight was a well deserved win at Trois Rivers circuit in Canada.

To read the story of George Eaton’s adventures in the 1969 F5000 Championships and the Can Am series there is an excellent book entitled “Five Minutes to Green” by the famous  Canadian sports journalist Frank Orr.

History of the M10

The M10s became highly successful in both A and later B guise winning the vast majority of races in the US, British and European F5000 series, the works M10B’s were driven nose to tail by Peter Gethin and Howden Ganley around the 1.8 mile Castle Coombe circuit in southern England breaking the lap record in a blistering 56.6 seconds,  a record whichy still holds to this day. Like Gethin and Ganley, Eaton would go on to drive Formula 1 for the BRM team in England.

We found this M10A in a sleepy little place called Sunol, it had been owned by an Ex F5000 club racer who’d bought the car in 1976 and had kept it in his garage in pieces ever since, one of those “when I get around to” projects, that’s the smiling chap in the top right picture, Mr. Jim Jensen, an ex-Peterbuilt truck designer and privateer racer, Jim’s owned and driven a plethora of great racing cars back to the late 1960s. When we bought the “10” it had no chassis plate and no identification, it was whilst pouring over photographs of the 1969 season that it was noticed that Eaton’s car was unusual in that its ignition coil was mounted on the Roll hoop, this we were to discover was because Ryan Falconer of Falconer Engineering had been commissioned to build a one-off Fuel Injection system employing a Mercedes 500 Bosch Fuel Injection pump and an inlet manifold of his own design, fitting required cutting the body tub just aft of the drivers head to clear the required drive belts, hence the coil was mounted on the hoop, apparently the Eaton team were friends with Carol Shelby and this work was performed at his shop in Southern California. Like pulling a thread on a cotton sweater the coil mounting was a clue that led to other pointers proving the cars identity, such as damage sustained during a race at Sonoma’s Infineon Raceway which left part of the front left monocoque cut and repaired,  excellent help from both Howden Ganley and Jerry Entin and the trail led all the way back to George Eaton who kindly signed both the steering wheel and my copy of “Five Minutes To Green”

This car has been sold and is currently in New Zealand

1967 Mercedes Benz 250SE Cabriolet

This 1967 Mercedes Benz 250SE Cabriolet, finished in its correct color of Sand Beige, a California car that has benefitted from a recent full leather interior, new bushings, shock absorbers and a brake servo, its a very nice car for the coming summer days, the soft top is superb and it drives better than it looks

2006 Maserati Gran Sport

Truly a future classic – this quintessential design by Italian styling house Giugiaro is a timeless classic, this undiscovered gem is certain to become a staple of any collection. Produced for only two years, the Gran Sport is the pinnacle of the Cambio Corsa model line. The equivalent of the Scuderia to the F430, the Gran Sport took the design to its ultimate conclusion. Featuring Ferrari’s 4.3L V8 powerplant, shared by the F430, mated to the F1 driveline. Styling is timeless, the elegant soft lines are as current today as they were on the model’s introduction in 2005. This example is a 3 owner Los Angeles car from new, having covered only 47,181 miles. Finished in Grigio Touring with Nero full leather interior, the paint and interior show as a car with half the miles. Mechanically excellent, she runs and drives beautifully, also having just benefitted from a new set of Pirelli boots, she’s indeed ready for her new owner. Included are original books, air compressor, Becker stereo literature and three sets of keys. Options include:

Heated Memory Seats
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber center console
Full leather
Leather headliner
Infotainment Becker Stereo
19″ Polished Alloy Wheels
Red brake calipers
Maserati Shields on fenders
Xenon lights

1970 Porsche 911E Coupe Mitchell Brothers

The below taken from the article by the Petrolicious team

The Ideal Early 911

Dubbed “The Secret Weapon from Zuffenhausen,” the 1970 Porsche 911E was the quickest model in their product offering at the time. Ironically, the E was introduced as the successor for the 911L as a “luxury” model with a new 2.2 liter engine, and intended to be a more usable option positioned between the 911T and 911S (Touring and Sport, respectively). Ventilated brake disks coupled with aluminum calipers and the first iteration of the longer wheelbase provide honest driving feedback, supporting the popular notion that the E boasts superior road holding to its sister T and S models. By replacing the Weber carbs with Bosch mechanical fuel injection the 911 “Einspritzung”, German for injection, delivers 158 BHP and is most thoroughly enjoyed in the low range where the torque band is plentiful.

What’s so special about this 911?

This particular Porsche has an eccentric connection to the porn industry. Yes, porn. James Mitchell of the infamous Mitchell brothers, treated himself to this very 911 on December 24th, 1969 from Carlsen Porsche in the San Francisco Bay Area. His purchase was likely due to the highly successful opening of the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, a dual purpose film studio and adult cinema built in a former Pontiac dealership, it had opened on July 4th 1969, one wonders if Mitchell paid for the ‘E” with one dollar bills! Considered pioneers of adult entertainment, the Mitchell brothers most famous production was “Behind the Green Door”, a film which went on exhibition at the Cannes Film Festival and impressively grossed $25 million on a $65,000 budget. The movie turned its lead actress, Marilyn Chambers, into a controversial overnight star as pornography was a steep contrast to her previous gig as the cover model for Procter & Gamble’s wholesome “Ivory Soap”  household brand. The making of “Behind the Green Door” was the plot and focus of the 90’s movie “Rated X”, where Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez portrayed the Mitchell Bros.

Some critics argue the Mitchell brothers brought an artistic and storytelling element to their rather linear discipline because their filmmaking heralded the arrival of “Porn Chic.” Controversial figures, but also highly social, the Mitchell brothers held court in San Francisco with a compendium of stars and political figures, among them ex-mayor Willie Brown, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author Hunter S. Thompson, Aerosmith, and former Black Panther Huey “Doc” Newton.

In the later part of 1970 the ‘E” was sold and a local newspaper profiled the second owner’s purchase experience with Mitchell, noting the car was collecting dust on a soundstage in South San Francisco when he came to scope out his potential purchase, Legend has it the car may have been featured in a production of the Mitchell brothers. The 911 had spent about a year and 4,000 miles with the porn tycoon before being purchased by Jay Milligan, a Mountain View City Administrator who kept the car for the next fourteen years ( you can see Jay in some of the pictures from the 70’s in the listing)  Quite the career change one might say. In the article written about Jay’s experience, he mentions noticing the Porsche had some injuries from customs agents who had inspected the car for drugs at the Mexican border, alluding to some of the adventures this car might have had. When Jay purchased the car he found notes from Mitchell’s secretary in the glove box reminding him of warrants for his arrest, along with various police inquiries. This was the transition of the Swinging Sixties to the seventies after all.

A Sympathetic Nuts-and-Bolts Restoration by  Exact 10

This is vehicle 244 of only 677 Karmann bodied Coupes out of a total 2,904 911E’s manufactured in 1970, and has spent its entire life on the West Coast. Fitted with the comfort package, the car includes features such as the alloy front brake package of the 911S, velour carpeting, leather steering wheel and alloy rocker trims. This car, part of Porsche’s first generation of long wheelbase 911s, is a numbers-matching 2.2-liter model that comes with full documentation (including a Porsche Heritage Certificate), the original tool kit, jack, owner’s manual, and wallet. Outside, the car still sports its original 14-inch Fuchs alloy wheels in their factory anodized finish and with original weights. The front tires and spare are all Michelin XAS and are believed to be the tires on which this car was originally supplied.

Given the car’s superb, rust-free condition prior to restoration, the team at Exact 10 Motors in Pleasanton, California aimed to keep the car as original as possible. Before any work was done, the entire car was dismantled and cleaned thoroughly including the floor pans which were scrubbed from underneath to show their original color. As a testament to wonders of Nevada’s dry air, many of this car’s fittings retain their factory plating.

The underpinnings have of course been entirely refreshed, and with meticulous attention to detail: all bolts and fittings have been zinc or cadmium plated; the hoses replaced; all bearings and rubber bushings have been replaced, the suspension components have been powder coated. The optioned hydropneumatic struts have since been upgraded to improve handling, which has been a common modification to E’s since new.

With no history or evidence of accidents, the underside retains its original factory finish and the floor pans are dent-free and still sport the Porsche protective “shutz” (shield). The exterior was stripped and repainted in its correct hue of Tangerine, or “Blut Orange.” The body trim, chrome, glass, rubber, lights, and the original Hirschmann antenna are all in excellent condition, with every component being refurbished as necessary. The US-spec “sugar scoop” headlamps were updated with new European style H1s.

The interior, which remains almost entirely original, was completely disassembled for detailing, with each piece brought back to showroom condition. The carpet and dealer-fitted coconut overmats, which had faded over the years, are immaculate after being re-dyed to the original black. Other interior pieces include a new headliner and dash top, the period correct Blaupunkt radio, however, still plays through the original in-dash speakers.

Photographer here by Gil Folkes, all pics are available for framing, please contact us should you require some wall art!

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Unused Toolkit, Jack, Original Service Book,  Manual & Wallet

1970 Ferrari Daytona Spyder